PLASTIC BAG (2010) by Ramin Bahrani (jederzeit online)

Land: USA | Jahr: 2010 | ca. 18:32 Minuten | FSK: ab 12 Jahre

by Ramin Bahrani, Off - Stimme: Werner Herzog

One of Dr. Bashi's honorary advisory board members is the Iranian-American filmmaker Ramin Bahrani. Hailed as "the new great American director" and "director of the decade" by the late Roger Ebert, Mr. Bahrani is also a committed environmentalist. Don't miss watching his beautiful and widely celebrated 18-minute short film "Plastic Bag" (2009), described as:

" environmental film...But despite the socially conscious message lurking within the film it is resolutely narrative, and, within that category, dramatic and deft too, in its dramatization of the life cycle of a disposable commodity...Plastic Bag is a confident and polished piece of art that successfully navigates these two simultaneous threads: the interior and the exterior, humanity and nature, the particular and the environmental. It accomplishes both these angles with aplomb in a quite moving whole." -Short of the Week

Plastic Bag ist ein Kurzfilm von Ramin Bahrani. Der Film zeigt die Stimme des deutschen Filmemachers Werner Herzog und eine Originalpartitur von Kjartan Sveinsson von der isländischen Rockband Sigur Rós. Plastic Bag wurde als Eröffnungsfilm von Corto Cortissimo bei den Filmfestspielen in Venedig uraufgeführt.


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